ATX: Little Pink Monster is Coming to the East Side!

Just in time for the E.A.S.T. Austin Studio Tour, this two room artist residency and full-time gallery boasts a “Home is Where the Art is Vibe” treating visitors to a behind the scenes way to experience an art show from its beginnings as a thought in the artists’ heads to a meticulous passion unfolding and finally hung on the walls for the world to see. After two weekends of around the clock work days and art parties, the Little Pink Monster’s dance card is already beginning to fill! Follow her on Facebook to RSVP to VIP previews, opening nights and special events.

So far? September holds a book club (think Steve Martin meets a speak easy vibe) RSVP here,


artist Travis Jarrell begins his residency (more to come about his upcoming show),



racehorse_title_500(see more of Travis’s work on his website:

…. can you handle good news about another awesome thing? Cool. Also in September is a free photography night kick off. Come to the Little Pink Monster and get your photo taken for free. Then, if you’re up for it (and we’re hoping that some of you are) return to LPM every quarter (3 months) and get your picture taken again. Dating someone? Bring them! Even if it’s a one night stand, love of your life, craigslist missed connection. What’s the point of it all? We’ll explain when you get here! Also, there will be drinks and music so, either way, you’re getting something good. More on that later. As always, our events can be found on our Facebook Page.

Thanks and Please Share the Love.

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