We’ve had the good fortune to work with the following people:


  • Travis Jarrell, Oil Painter, Austin, TX / Brooklyn, NY / Houston, TX / Lubbock, TX (website)
  • Patrick Turk, Fine Art Collage, Houston, TX (website)
  • Brooke Gassiot, Visual Artist & Sculptor, Austin, TX (website)
  • J. Rene Perez,  Artist, Austin, TX (website)
  • Justine Beech, Illustrator & Painter, Austin, TX (website)


  • Haley Lebeuf, Modern Handmade Jewelry, Austin, TX (website)
  • Claire Webb, Jewelry Artist, Houston, TX (website)
  • Melissa Borrell, Jewelry & Industrial Design, Austin, TX (website)


  • Phillip Marshall, Business Manager & Clothing Designer, Houston, TX
  • DJ SunRecording Artist, DJ, & Radio Show Host, Houston, TX (website)


  • The Clubhouse SceneChildren’s Event & Party Planner, Austin, TX (website)


  • Joe Bones, The Bone Yard: Adult Play Land & Skate Park, Austin, TX (website)
  • Jasmine Lee Richardson, Fashion Consultant & Activist, Houston, TX
  • Intergalactic ProductionsGalaxy Cafe & Top Notch Hamburgers, Austin, TX
  • Laurie Berson, SNAP Kitchen, Austin, TX
  • Maconda O’ Connor, Philanthropist, Houston, TX

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