We must encourage love making wherever we go.

Maybe it’s the full moon but I can hardly contain a single thought in my mind for long – my wisdom seems to be in my body today.


I believe. I believe in the power of combined energies, of hearts beating in unison, of feet stepping infinitely in a common direction, of building something with someone that is greater than what I can build alone.

In the past, this thought, this feeling would have taken shape as boyfriend, as marriage, as husband and wife, as raising children, building a home, working hard together to make something just better than what we grew up understanding.


Today, slowly walking infinite footsteps towards a common goal may manifest completely differently. My womb is a gallery. Our children are the art we create. My partner is on a 4-6 week artist residency rotation. My life is working to share something I barely understand. My success is yet to be measured.


Vincent Van Gogh is quoted as having said, “Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”Image

The juxtaposition of these two battling energies within me, fuels me. I am on fire and yet, remain whole, only gaining strength over time. I am pregnant with the possibilities of what this path could bring.

Like a woman, ripe with life, I am also experiencing how small I am in the grand scheme of things. A necessary part of an endless rotating wheel. A part of; but not all of. I am an observer and then an animal gnashing my teeth. A hungry Buddha; aware of the feeling of hunger but consumed with another craving. I want to be successful in my role; spreading light, touching life and yet I fear if I will be strong enough to fulfill my task?

Those who create, offer me encouragement and hope. Mutual Core by Bijork.

I must recruit; tapping into additional strength, wisdom and energy in a partner. But, without knowing the destination, how can I choose correctly the one to walk next to? In all the questions I ask myself and in all the answers others offer, I know one thing to be absolutely true. We must encourage love making (in every form) wherever we go. Knowing this I must work hard. Because love making (in every form) is hard work. 

More coming soon….


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