Summer Series Success!

Monstrosity Studios
2514 Wilson St, 78704

As the sun shined brightly on the three-story art gallery, people moved excitingly throughout the space, seeing what else they might embark upon.

Monstrosity Studios showed a variety of art pieces Wednesday, and artists and attendees mingled over free beer, food and brilliant music. Whether it was because everyone was enjoying their day off work – or because the atmosphere was friendly and new, people kept mentioning what a wonderful time they were having. The Arty Party was a grand success.

The art-work hanging included pieces from Deborah Argyropoulos, Justine Beech, Brooke Gassiot, Adrian Landon Brooks, Haley Lebeuf, Rene Perez, Patrick Turk, Claire Webb and, local Austin staple and Monstrosity Gallery owner, Tony Romano.

Adults and kiddos alike viewed their work with wide-eyes and big smiles, curious and in wonderment of their extreme talent.

Art by Justine Beech

Not only did Austinites dig the art, but also the music. Entertainment was provided by Omarr Escoffie, Brandon Callies, Elizabeth Santillan and Luke Duhon. Their close and intimate acoustic performances helped set the mood for the laid-back, no-drama day. Thank you guys so much!

Elizabeth Santillan

We couldn’t have had such a great event without the help of some of our sponsors, so we want to mention that here – We want to thank H-E-B for the watermelons, Urban Roots Farm for the 50 pounds (yes, 50!) of produce, Romano for opening his space for this event, Werd Recording for the PA system and Honest Tea for all the drinks. All three flavors you donated to us, including Honey Green Tea, Pomegranate Blue and White Tea with Peach were tasty! Also – a special shout out and thanks to Scott from Vespaio for the champagne! You guys are all so very amazing!

Cheers! Thank you to Honest Tea for their donation!

All-in-all, it was a great day. Actually, some may say it was …

Art by Adrian Landon Brooks

Photos and text by Ashley Bradley

Click here for more Arty Party event pictures!


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