Summer Series Sneak Peek!

Drawing by Justine Beech,

The world is filled with beauty, inside and out, and even though it is right in front of our eyes we don’t always know where to look. The Central Texas Annie Team believes that everyone should be able to have the chance to see all the hidden and obvious beauty in our surroundings so we want to bring the beauty  and invigorating energy to you.

Central Texas Annie presents:
Summer Series at the Monstrosity Studios
2514 Wilson Street Austin, TX 78704
in the heart of beautiful South Austin.

Celebrate the holiday with your family, dog, and invisible friend at The Monstrosity and enjoy the talent and beauty of 10 local, talented, and deserving artists and designers.

Deborah Argyropoulos
Justine Beech
Adrian Landon Brooks
Brooke Gassiot
Haley Lebeuf
Rene Perez
Tony Romano
Patrick Turk
Claire Webb
and more!

Art. Jewelry. Awesome.

July 4th, 2012 (12pm – 8pm)
2514 Wilson St. Austin, TX 78704
The Monstrosity

Central Texas Annie

Come and join us as we appreciate our family, friends, freedom, and beauty. You will have the chance to see a sneak peek of unique talent from the artists that will be featured in the Summer Series!


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