Central Texas Annie is a team of inspired individuals who collaborate in order to promote unique talent.

Annie Wells, Dynamite Director

Annie’s style is eclectic; a hybrid of all the best things in a down to earth country girl and a sophisticated woman of the city. She grew up in humble beginnings on Lois Lane in Magnolia, Texas where she spent her years enjoying the simplicity of a childhood spent outdoors. Later she moved to the cultural mecca of Montrose in Houston, Texas. Annie’s juxtaposition of lifestyle allows her to provide a fresh perspective and connect different kinds of unique talent through collaborative shows and gallery spaces, nonprofits and for-profits, and craft and fine art.

Kesha Thill, Happy-Go-Lucky Intern

Kesha has spent her life in the heart of the suburban lifestyle of Plano, Texas. The variety of cultural opportunities she has been given throughout her life, plus having travelled all across the globe, has given her an affinity for learning about different cultures, people, and traditions. Blessed with a multitude of life experiences, Kesha has a large appreciation for the little details in life that allow herself to see the beauty in all things ordinary and extraordinary.

Dream Team

Samantha and Francisco have decided to partner together in this endeavor and are interning as a team, they are also roommates. Individually they are more than capable and dedicated, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with.


Samantha Ramos, Go-Getter Intern

Samantha grew up in the Rio Grande Valley deep in the heart of Texas. She longed for a bigger city and loved the welcoming feel of Austin so she moved at age 18 to attend college. She graduated from the University of Texas in 2010 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Art History. Samantha has been working in Marketing since graduation, but she realized her passion for event planning and PR was not to be ignored. She is an avid festival and concert go-er, a foodie, a blogger, aspiring writer and a lover of the outdoors.

Francisco Galindo, Do-It, To-It Intern

Francisco Galindo Jr. graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University in 2010. Francisco has been working for Fortune 500 companies Progressive and Aetna for the past 5 years. He wants to pursue a career in event planning and marketing so he has joined the Central Texas Annie Consulting team as an intern. Francisco enjoys cooking, swimming in Barton Springs, any Austin event like SXSW, ACL or FFF and he especially loves spending time with his beloved dog, Captain.

Frederick Robinson, Intern

Frederick is an “Austinite” from Lake Travis. He enjoys the finer things without ever forgetting about the smaller things. Frederick is a humble Football player turned into a CIS major. Whether it be dancing, singing, networking or out to wine and dine, he likes to socialize.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. We are seeking help with a small business grand opening in Austin, Texas. Can your team assist with the opening and what is your rate for the project?

  2. Hello, my names Mia and I have been a patron here at this venue and I was wondering how does one get a hold of someone to hold an event here? I would love to host something epic here 🙂


    • Hey Mia! Thanks for thinking of us for a venue for something epic. Epic is our favorite. Whatcha thinkin? With the ever looming SXSW fastly approaching, it may be challenging to find times in our schedules to meet terribly soon. Can you provide some thoughts about dates, themes, vision, etc?


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