MAS! Psychedelic November Event

The psychedelic night at the Monstrosity definitely lived up to your imagination’s best visions. The walls of the three story gallery, the Monstrosity, were filled with some of the finest psychedelic art in Austin. Imagine the room of a rocking Grateful Dead fan minus the felt and black lights with all the most vivid and boundary pushing art from multiple mediums. This show encompassed true artists with a vision all their own.  The art provided by the talented Deborah Argyropoulous, Blair Gallacher, Clay Janca, Greta Olivas, Fernando Ramirez, Warren Sawyer and Patrick Turk was thought provoking, sensual, and intellectual which were all beautifully shown by the endless walls of the Monstrosity gallery.

Alongside the very talented artists’ works were T-shirts by GUS, which were psychedelic in their own right and also presented a local- Austin character to the show. Guests were also treated to the poetry of Josh Boyd read in a Freddie Mercury manner, full on, in character that left the patrons in awe. As the night progressed the musical stylings of DJ Masaris elevated the spirits and truly set the psychedelic feeling ablaze. With all these aspects also featured were handmade parasols by SilverFox Yemaya, which provided a whimsical element to the already seductive night, that alongside the guests that came in costume really lived up to the psychedelic theme of the night. A late night as only one would imagine an event like this would last, left all those wondering, what now?

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written by CTA intern, Samantha Ramos



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