Oh my god, this is way harder than I thought it would be….

There are a lot of things I’m good at, some things I’m great at and other things that I totally suck butt at (sucking butt in this case is a bad thing).

Recently, I was gifted with inspiration (to inspire: to breath the breathe of God into another) and felt over night empowered to show my own work for the first time. In public. With other people’s eyes and ears and mouths and opinions. So, I get excited. I think, “wow, Annie, you’re maturing into the artist you always knew you were”.


Cut to several days later and I’m crying in my house shoes and listening to trip hop. Is this what artists go through?! Am I being dramatic? Is being dramatic a necessary step towards being an artist? Am I doomed to fail. Am I doomed to succeed? Am I doomed to bore the hell out of you with all these rhetorical questions?



Take a breath.

Remember you are small enough to be a part of the whole. Remember you are large enough to hold the whole within you.

Text a friend.

Cry a little.

Now, back to work. After all this show won’t hang itself. (that would be so excellent if it did then I could go watch the Oscars tonight and drink a bunch of you know what) <– alcohol.





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