I’m not trying to freak you out…

Hey guys,

It’s me. Sometimes it’s not me. Sometimes it’s LPM assistants or fellow bloggers or dead silence. But, right now, it’s me. How do you KNOW it’s me? Good question.


So, I’m putting together this group show called “I’m not trying to freak you out…” but I probably will. 😉 The way that I’ve decided whether or not I liked (read: loved) a piece or art (or even an artist themselves) is by feeling an emotional reaction to the work (or person). It’s weird to think about but I’d much prefer the person who total offends me than the person who exchanges niceties at the house party punch bowl for an hour. Know what I mean? 


I’m looking for others who feel similarly. I want your weird, your wasted, your drunk video, your torn painting, the best thing you’ve ever made. Give me the rotting vultures and crying babies of the world. For me, I see those moments and see the beauty in them. Melted candy cane on a sidewalk, a chair forgotten but haloed by light…. this is a CALL FOR ARTISTS!


(thank you to the Mexican market proselytizers for this one = life changing)

People and art I’m considering:

Travis Jarrell


Josh Boyd


Carl Smith Visual Art



Blair Gallacher Art


Danny Manning (for some slam, dude)

Artist ER


Chelsea Seth Woodward

Elizabeth Santillan

Jack Smith



Want to submit work to this show? Each visual artist may submit up to 10 images (1-3 pieces will be selected). Message for details and a time to schedule a showing. Top pieces will be submitted for SXSW showcase on 3/15. All pieces selected will be on display at Little Pink Monster Gallery from 3/8-3/14.





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